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About the Book

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!! This just in, the corporations are going to try tell me to say! Well, let me tell you, that we all have voices, and everyone needs to sing.

What happens when you tell kids they can't do something? Yes, that is right, they are curious and they rebel! Well, tell them they cannot own plants and have a garden! Think it's no big deal, they'd rather play video games? Ask yourself if that is awesome. Our food supply is under attack and there is no restart button. There are some serious mutant food out there contaminating the clean honest to nature products!

Is this where the world is going? Where money matters more than what we put in our mouths or the air we breathe? That the profits of a aggressive and careless businesses matter more than the long term effects on our youth? The actions, or inactions say yes.

Unfortuantley, for Sophie, it's really hard not to notice her dirty enviorment. She needs your help spreading the sunshine!

Colorful Truth Book

C.C. Warner

CC Warner

Claire Warner

CC Warner
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C.C. Warner cares about people and our environment. She is a mother of four, singer, songwriter, playwright, poet, artist and dental hygienist. In her hometown of Springvale, Maine, she gave thousands of sunflower seeds to schools, libraries, parks and flower shows.
She has appeared on TV to talk about the beautification of the towns and happiness it produces in the people. As a result, many people had golden gardens and stories to tell about their sunflowers. Many lessons were learned from gardening. Many hearts were filled with happiness. Hundreds of children sang her “Sunflower Song” in spring concerts. Her musical comedy, “The Sunflower Lady,” and CD are available for children’s theatre productions. The play calls for a cast of up to thirty-five children, ages 4 to 18. We hope America will get involved in making our country a place where big beautiful sunflowers grow. C.C. believes it is important for children to grow giant sunflowers. They can also learn to grow their big dreams and aspirations.

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Claire Warner is C.C. Warner's daughter. She is a thirty-two year old graphic designer. In 2003 she read C.C. Warner's short story and knew that it needed to be told to the world! Over the years the book was developed along with the sunflower song music video.